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Drawers for mobile Gieffe

The security that also Gieffe repeated assurance from the main certifications obtained from each product of the signature, which meets the guidelines. The contribution of architects, designers and engineers can develop accessories truly able to respond to the real demands of customers, with whom Gieffe has a constant dialogue. Accessories created by Gieffe are possible thanks to investments in research and development, which allow Gieffe to propose new materials and finishes, and create new combinations, or improve production methods. The finalit of each project? anticipate the needs of customers who require innovative answers very quickly and develop customized solutions. Gieffe company among the leaders in the production of accessories The industry of the furniture. The modernization work at all, the preparation of a passionate team, the spirit of initiative, research and ingenuity are the values u200bu200bthat have always made recognizable Gieffe, they lead the growth path and ensure the claim. Entrepreneurial ability, together with expertise in which he has always invested make it an interlocutor for manufacturers in the furniture industry, thanks to the wide range of accessories for specific destinations that follow the most diverse needs. This long on the market, Gieffe caters industry and the furniture craftsman with an extensive collection of accessories.