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Sinks functionally and aesthetically integrating the kitchen finishing the work plan to be an area where the praticiti joins a thick original design. Important are the finishes, as well as materials such as AISI304 steel, or composite materials, glass and aesthetics, along with the practicality of use obtained thanks to the scrupulous design studies. With single or double bath, with or without draining, sinks are proposed with different recessed, standa

The taps are essential in our homes Because allow us to enjoy the most precious commodity: the water, which is essential to wash, wash, cook, drink and many other functions.

The recessed elements, ranging from sinks to hobs, from fridges to kitchen blocks are intended in particular to the field of custom and certainly represent a convincing proposal to achieve a functional environmental design at low cost. Starting with some elements from simple standard flush, you can create design solutions that meet the most disparate needs. With a built-in elements - which moreover are always more p


Freestanding or built-in, the appliances are an inescapable element of which take in the design of environments such as bathroom and kitchen. The wide availability on the market and must be line with the development of countless pros and cons of each component, always in a design context. In this section, professionals will find hints and tips on cooking blocks, hoods, and individual appliances recessed.