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Lithic Digital Design

A reflection on the importance of marble

Focus on the marble to Lithic Digital Design, where you will have the opportunity to reflect on the need to work on limiting the spread marble


The new lift system has strong functional appeal and takes up a minimum of valuable storage space.

Furniture Refinishing Reindeer

Rauvisio di Rehau, furniture surfaces and coatings made with polymer laminates and characterized by different effects that meet any aesthetic and functional needs.

Salice - Smove: universal adapter

Smove is the special device used to soften the closing action of any furniture door, thus decreasing the noise produced by its closing.

Bislapis for natural stone slabs

New technology for natural stone slabs

Bislapis a technology patented by Remuzzi Marbles, which allows to obtain a composite material formed by a pair of natural stone plates of reduced thickness

for custom furniture surfaces

Purchasing offices and designers know Metaflex for its ability to customize surfaces creating special shapes, embossed designs and substantial textures and three-dimensional

sink was KWC

Era sink and mixer by KWC

The KWC sink and mixer Era from the meeting point between the most advanced technology and uncompromising quality. Its peculiarity is the invisible overflow.

Treemme Rubinetterie: avant-garde solutions and design

New collections of Arche and Hedo faucets presented by Treemme Rubinetterie and created respectively by Danilo Fedeli and Giancarlo Vegni. The first in Etnies, the second combines classical shapes with modern taste.

serrandine rauvolet rehau

Serrandine Rauvolet of Rehau

Rehau introduced during the course of Sicam 2017 the new Rauvolet shutter systems that allow optimization of available spaces and guarantee great freedom of movement. There are 5 design lines including Vetro-Line and Metallic-Line.

velvet decobel malaysia

Decobel decorative velvets

Decobel decorative velvet: a rich and constantly updated catalog that includes modern and original floral patterns, fantasy inspired by the jungle-animal world and retro-flavored compositions.

Franke, author's sinks: efficiency, elegance and versatility

The Swiss company Franke manufactures more than 100 models of kitchen sinks: excellent materials, various installation options and numerous accessories to increase the level of customization.

Wood paint Sayerlack Feel Silk

Silky Feel, the new Sayerlack Wood Finish

Sayerlac's Silky Feel Wood Paint: Transparent opaque acrylic finish that is so soft as velvet and also very durable. For dark and darker essences.

falmec sloping hoods

Inclined hoods Falmec

Cappe Falmec inclined: The Vittorio Veneto company launches Trim and Verso models. Two powerful, silent hoods that purify the air in the kitchen and add style to the room.

cleaf plated lead

Cleaf presents the new Lead Surface Surface

Cleaf introduces the new lead-rolled panels belonging to the Hyper Materials collection, suitable for both vertical and horizontal applications. They are soft to the touch, anti-fingerprint and very durable.

willow glow

Salice, sliding system Glow +

Glow+, a sliding system for wardrobes with 2, 3 or more overlapping doors, is now equipped with a revolutionary magnetic damping system that decelerates the opening and closing action and enables an extremely fluent and silent movement.

Thermofresh, the foam-absorbing polyurethane

Pelma's Thermofresh is a new type of flexible flexible polyurethane foam that helps combat too much heat and prevents mold and bacteria from proliferating.

The innovative hob Bosch Flameselect

The Flameselect applied to a Bosch gas stove technology allows you to adjust the flame power through 9 levels of dispatch.

giplast edges

The new edges of Giplast

New Giplast edges for laminates and panels presented at the Sicam 2017: tactile, anti-fingerprint and scratch resistant. New finishes are also available in line with furniture trends.

AGC Flat Glass Italy launches new glasses for Interior Designer

AGC Flat Glass Italia's Lacobel and Matelac 2020 Interior Glasses can be used in a number of ways, enhance and renovate the home, and apply with great ease. I do not need a professional.