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Rehau profiles and edges

Rehau, a leading developer of components for the furniture The industry, tells buying offices and designers the expansion and reorganization of its ...

Ostermann edges

Sicam 2015 will be possible to visit the stand of one of the largest producers of edges: Ostermann who will be present at Hall 3, Stand A12

FBS offers profiles to purchasing offices and designers a wide range of profiles for doors and fittings in different sizes and finishes

Edges for furniture Monguzzi

The edges for furniture are real structural elements, since they are used to finish kitchens, tables, cabinets, shelves and frames

Giplast edges

For purchases of mobile brand offices wishing edges perfectly integrated to the surfaces, Giplast offers a very wide range

Do not flee purchasing offices the ability of Ostermann edges to satisfy any need thanks to the huge range available

giplast edges

New Giplast edges for laminates and panels presented at the Sicam 2017: tactile, anti-fingerprint and scratch resistant. New finishes are also ...


Furniture edges and profiles for furniture are indispensable elements in the furniture industry Because confer the famous finishing touch. Often, when you can admire beautiful furniture and beautiful kitchen, you do not think even given that it has an overview. But edges and profiles are not mere details but structural anchors. The profiles are usually made of aluminum, PVC and plastic and are used to refine kitchens, libraries, fixtures, windows, while the edges are more that apply to other tables, cabinets, shelves and doors. There are infinite edges of models available on the market: everyone can adapt to color or shade and dimension to any piece of furniture or a decorative object. If a carpenter or a professional he needs not covered in the standard measures, then take over the personalized services of cutting, and the edges are dissected in the heights you want based on the needs of the applicant. In short, everything must be done in a workmanlike manner to ensure the industry, experts and artisans of the highest quality industry