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The Infratec edge

Indispensable for the beauty and completeness of the furnishings, the borders must be impeccable, but what exactly are they? The edges for furniture are needed by the carpenter and all the specialists in the furniture-design sector to finish the chipboard panels and are shipped in the form of coils. Among the major suppliers of this product, Ostermann stands out. At the international trade fairs Interzum and Ligna, Ostermann presented a third solution on the market to obtain "zero joint optics", after having already introduced the laser edge and the Airtec board. This is the new Infratec edge, which can be worked with edge banding machines that use NIR (Near Infrared Radiation) technology. In the same way that in laser and hot-air technology, also in Near Infrared Radiation (NIR) technology, such as in the LTronic units from Holz-Her, only edges with a specific functional layer can be used. With the Infratec edging, Ostermann offers a suitable solution for infrared technology.

  • Ostermann edging

Infratec in detail

But let's analyze this technology in detail: thanks to Near Infrared Radiation (NIR) technology, thermal energy is transmitted to the functional layer of the edge before it is pressed to the panel. Essential benefits of this technology lie in silent machining and the immediate operational capability of the machine. Therefore a warm-up phase is not necessary during the manufacturing process. In addition, no energy is consumed in downtime and no cleaning is required. Ostermann promptly adopted the new processing technology, inquiring with the manufacturers of the machines in order to offer an edge that would constitute an optimal solution. The basis of the Infratec functional layer is made of polyolefin plastic: the layer is applied by a retrospective process with millimeter precision. This layer is available in five different colors (white, natural / beige, brown, black and transparent) and is chosen on the basis of the color or decoration of the border. Ostermann, with the transparent functional layer, offers its customers a very special service. This variant was developed precisely to cover the edges in bright colors afterwards, such as blue, green, red or yellow. Ostermann supplies the new Infratec edge with functional layer for all solid colors and ABS decorations and for all real wood edges. Edges are available in any width from 16 to 60 mm starting from 1 roll, ready in 4 working days. With laser edges, Airtec and Infratec Ostermann has decided to develop its own edge for each processing technology. This has the advantage that each of the three "zero joint" edges can be optimized and adapted to the respective technology developments and consequently to customer requirements. In order to offer the famous Ostermann service in this innovative field and to deliver the edges with the Laser, Airtec and Infratec functional layer after four working days also in the future, Ostermann has invested in new systems.