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Double pocket door system with cam-assisted door extraction and cushioned door insertion

New treatment with soft touch effect


The highly versatile Pin family expands once more with the introduction of a new product variation that enables the orderly and functional ...

EvoLift opening systems cover all applications of single flap doors, folding doors, parallel opening doors and swing opening doors.

Futura Push synchronizer by Salice

The synchronisation system for Push-open Futura runners has been developed to ensure that drawers of any width can be opened with minimum effort.

Salice universal hinge

The Salice universal hinge has been developed to provide a solution to most applications in the field of furniture doors. The hinge can be used with ...

Salice Excessories Night Collection

Salice presents Excessories, its first collection of accessories with the highest aesthetics-functional qualities.

Pin is the innovative and revolutionary display storage system. Available in three versions, Pin Wine, Pin Knife and Pin Shelf, Pin allows the most ...

Silentia+, the most advanced deceleration system available, delivers a consistently perfect closing action across a truly comprehensive range of ...

Shelf, the bottom-fixed runner for pull-out shelves, is now available with a lock-open function.

Split is the system of division and storage compartments that allows the freest and most personalised organisation of drawer interiors. It is ...

Vauth-Sagel Cornerstone Maxx

Cornerstone Maxx by Vauth-Sagel, the new and modern system of corner kitchen doors, will be presented during the 2017 edition of Sicam in Pordenone. ...

cushions hafele

The German H half company has further refined the Moovit MX modular system with fluid cushions that allow a continuous and very silent cushioning.

With over fifty years of experience behind it, OgTM is a leading company in the field of furniture wheels. The large catalog mainly covers interior ...

Pacta is a compact hinge for fall flaps which operates without the need for additional stays or cables.

Wind by Salice

The new lifting system allows a marginal encumbrance inside the body and a minimum and pleasant impact.

furniture hinges salice titanium

Past, present and future, all in one finish

Clip Top Blumotion are hinges for high-quality furniture, elegant design and its high quasiasi type of leaf movement comfort.

Furniture accessories and electrified profiles

We report purchasing offices that Pavanello has initiated several years Metalika, a specialist for the development of its products such as ...

aluminum profile for bathroom

Progress Profiles realizes PROLISTEL line: these decorative aluminum strips, steel and chrome-plated brass, with a wide range of finishings so as to ...

The Group Pozzi, with the company System Holz, proposes to purchase departments and profile design studies for advanced aluminum doors

Salice Air Push

The new and revolutionary Salice hinge, is a perfect synthesis of aesthetics and functionality.

The subtle titanium finish increases its aesthetic value, giving additional elegance and expanding its versatility.

Salice presented Air, ideal combination of efficiency and style, as well as lightness and functionality

scorrevola Placard Emuca system

A purchasing departments and designers potr affect the Placard sliding system Emuca, recommended for cabinets and cabins

Free Flap H 1.5, the new crankset of Hfele, all-plastic or plastic (cover) and metal (support lever) interesser definitely buying offices and ...

A stylish and elegant drawer system, which can be conspicuously branded and is also available in pull-out columns and high-storage options. That’s ...

PS48 Cinetto system

By introducing the PS48 system, Cinetto took a step into the future last year. The system, which we are going to illustrate, will attract the ...

Intelligent hardware Hettich

Nellambito functions, offices last time purchases and designers were able to see the effectiveness of intelligent hardware Hettich

Lineabox Willow

The same components that make up the drawer can also be used to create under-sink and the sink waste cut-out drawers.

Progress Profiles decorative finishing profiles

Buyers and design studios can turn to Progress Profiles, Venetian company of reference in the field of decorative finishing profiles

The new and innovative metal drawer system of the future

Grass guides

A Sicam 2015, the new line of exhaust systems rails, box of Grass promises to professionals in the field adaptability in all sizes

The same internal movement for folding doors

At the Sicam 2015 fair in Pordenone, turkish Samet has introduced buyers a new interior movement for sliding doors, along with other relevant ...

decorative profiles Profiles Gildo

Gildo profiles offers buyers and design studies their specializaazione in the production of extruded thermoplastic material for the most diverse ...

Furnishing wheels Perazzolo

One of the largest companies for wheels Perazzolo furnishings, whose production meets all the specific needs of customers

mechanism superimposed Bortoluzzi Systems

Bortoluzzi systems Interzum has invited visitors to view the innovative sliding mechanism superimposed Glow, plus mostar them an overview of its ...

Samet Drawer Systems

In Germany at Interzum, A Interzum, Samet has presented some special products including Smart Flow and Alpha Box for the category drawer systems and ...

Omnia SlowMotion hinge by FGV

A product that satisfies all market needs with a complete series of solutions and applications: this is Omnia SlowMotion, the new hinge from FGV

sliding systems for doors

Numerous features are combined in a single solution in the sliding systems for doors offered by Cinetto

zip Ferrari

At the booth of Ferrari last Interzum, buyers and designers have admired the latest version of the F-1 faired drawer box

Sliding rail systems

At Interzum 2015, visitors to the Hettich stand viewing cdi guide systems can transform the market trends actually marketable

Samet drawer

Specialized in functional hardware, Samet at Fuorisalone 2015 opted for via Brera to present the You (r) Inside design contest

Monolift Samet

Purchasing offices are well aware that the furniture hinge one of the key elements of the entire functional hardware. Beside the basic models, they ...

Legabrox Blum guide

Among the main runners providers hi-tech stands Blum, with an assortment of proposals for purchasing offices and really wide and varied designers

zip Pozzi Group

Offices purchases potr affect the fact that the Wells Group is the only Italian company to produce a range of hinges complete office furniture and ...

extruded aluminum profiles by Aluproject

Aluproject one of the leading specialists in the machining of aluminum profiles for the sector, and for the lighting industry.

Monolift Samet

IF Design Awards, German annual award promotes the best international projects. Samet, thanks to its lift systems, is ranked second

Villes last Sicam

Last Expo Sicam of Pordenone, Villes presented to buyers and designers of the sector the 5600 Series, the new patented sliding system

ImproBitter by Samet

The Sicam of Pordenone, Impro Bitter, the top zipper design proposed by Samet range become even more sophisticated, arousing the interest of ...

model Aladdin Pessotto Reti

Pessotto Networks produces innovative bed systems, but also anatomical supports, intended allindustria dellarredamento and contract furnishing

electrified Pavanello profiles

Pavanello through Metalika, workshop for the independent development of products such as accessories for wall systems and innovative components, ...

full extension drawer guides

The hinges until the drawer slides full extension, buyers and designers can count on Wells Group as sole supplier, strong wide range

Network read Click Top

At Sicam 2014, Pozzoli proposes to more Handycapped bed net to every need: flat nets, collapsible networks, networks container and folding orthopedic

Wells group

System Holz Aluminum is the leading company in the production of aluminum sliding profiles and doors with the most advanced ...

Free swing Hfele, the mechanism for garage doors

Hfele at Sicam 2014 described on purchasing offices and mobile sales designers The entire family Free, innovative folding door systems.

wing folding mechanism Blum

Blum, known to the purchasing offices of major furniture brands, has presented a solution that requires little space and recommended small lift ...

New folding mechanism Hardware Livenza

Hardware Livenza introduced to professionals in the sector, purchasing departments and designers the new mechanism for folding doors, serious ...

sliding systems Gap Italy

Gap Italy introduces buyers and design studies its advanced sliding systems Sicam 2014, besides the other ranges

vertical lift mechanisms

Samet has introduced new vertical aperture mechanisms Monolift and DUOLIFT, which undoubtedly will awaken the interest of the furniture sector ...

sliding systems

Grass proposes to Buyère designers sliding systems and other innovative products, actually able to improve the performance of modern furniture

Slide Tech Optima

Bohle has amplicato its selection of glass furniture hardware in recent years: purchasing departments of the sector can count on this important brand ...

new sliding system

Wicona provides designers, installers and office furniture sector purchasing a new lift-sliding system, in addition to its traditional assortment

Sliding guides Donati

Designers and purchasing departments can count on Donati for the best sliding systems, drawer slides, metal side, depreciated drawers

STM guides

Purchasing departments and designers of the furniture-office sector can rely on STM, manufacturer of hinges, drawer guides and other components

tape hinges

For purchases in the mobile offices, Del Corno di Canzo a reference enterprise, specializing in the field of tape hinges and functional hardware

Wheels for furniture

The increasingly important furniture wheels are supplied to purchasing departments in the furniture sector by quality suppliers, such as Emilsider

seals for folding doors Free Hafele flap

A range of folding doors and sliding that can satisfy any need for purchasing offices and design studios of the great names of the cabinet: it offers ...

Maco hardware

Purchasing offices and designers of furniture found in Maco a highly reliable partner for functional hardware

sliding and hinged doors systems

sliding and advanced swing by Krona Koblenz, known to purchasing departments and designers for its products of impeccable quality

Geze sliding systems

The reduced from internal to manual sliding door systems of Geze sizes are highly appreciated by professionals in the furniture sector

hinges La Florida

The molding and the turning of the hinges, in the context of functional hardware, a relevant passage. Florida offers highly specialized in this field.

Opening system FGV

To adapt to the increasingly clean, minimalist lines of modern kitchens, FGV offers an alternative opening system

Hettich hinges

Hettich offers a type of hardware with innovative features that affect a lot of the purchasing offices of major mobile brands

Cinetto sliding system

Cinetto offers to buyers of mobile sliding systems companies to facilitate the movement of drawers, doors, flush doors, and so on

flap doors Blum

Very interesting new ante program Blum fore, also proposed to international trade fairs

willow glow

Glow+, a sliding system for wardrobes with 2, 3 or more overlapping doors, is now equipped with a revolutionary magnetic damping system that ...

Willow eclipse system

EXEDRA, the most advanced pocket door system

zip Samet

In the following article, we will introduce the functional Samet hardware, Turkish company the industry leader

Furniture Hinges

Furniture hardware and functional practices are presented by a market leader such as Ferrari: purchasing departments can find excellent opportunities ...

Purchasing offices and the professionals of the sector could be affected lightness and flexibility of the sliding systems and accessories in aluminum ...

The new lift system has strong functional appeal and takes up a minimum of valuable storage space.

Smove is the special device used to soften the closing action of any furniture door, thus decreasing the noise produced by its closing.