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Over thirty thousand types of products in the catalog, not counting custom solutions developed in collaboration with customers, together represent one of the high of the Pozzi Group distinctive features, quality, diversification and remarkable versatility of the proposed articles. The offer ranges from corporate systems to the sliding doors in aluminum, the metal parts, water slides and legs, the legs for tables to kitchen accessories, as well as all kinds of hinges, brackets, racks, aluminum profiles, spotlights, screws, joints, bushings, plastic parts and who more has more metta.Soffermandoci on one of the specialties of this business reality, that the hinges for office furniture, it should be emphasized that the only Italian company to Wells Group produce a range of hinges of this type actually complete and comparable to that of the leading foreign specialists.

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office hinges

Among the allocchiello flowers Pozzi Group, which is part of System Holz specializes in hinges, zippers stand for office furniture series 200 (second photo), 600 and 700 (first photo), which are designed for producers of office furniture, albeit lately, considering their undoubted quality, are appreciated and also used in some way to the casa.Ma what are their main characteristics? Usually the hinges are invisible, but in this case the external pin provides a dellanta rotation and unapertura from 180 up to 270, with a minimum overall dimensions of the hinge inside the cabinet, which allows users to exploit even better to place containers, small files, folders or drawers. These hinges are also offered in two versions on which are mounted two doors, both with opening 180. In particular, the 200 series offers a complete range, easily locating fast, 3D adjustment dellanta and a range of accessories.