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hafele mechanism for folding doors

Free, folding door mechanisms produced by the German company H half: the range has been expanded with integration sets to handle all the products and with innovative technopolymer gaskets.

serrandine rauvolet rehau

Rehau introduced during the course of Sicam 2017 the new Rauvolet shutter systems that allow optimization of available spaces and guarantee great freedom of movement. There are 5 design lines including Vetro-Line and Metallic-Line.


Saca Industries, doors and complementary lacquered parts for kitchen, bathroom and living area. Company information, production process and current catalog.

ante kitchens Attimec Italy

Attimec Italy offers to purchase departments and designers unampia range of cuisines doors, both classical and contemporary

FAB, national leader not only in the production of modern doors, but also in plastic laminate components and melamine, proposes to a wide range of doors for furniture purchases and designers offices

Plan.a Handle Scilm

Award at Interzum 2015, Plan.a Handle Scilm lanta cuisine that combines lightness total iIn indeformabilit and excellent dimensional stability characteristics.

anta Techniform

The doors modern furniture perfectly interpret any stylistic need, from contemporary to classic: the grants acquired offices can choose from various suppliers

furniture doors

Purchasing offices and designers can count on Attimec Italiaper the door for furniture, sopratuttto solid wood doors, veneer, sliced u200bu200band coated paper

doors for kitchens and bathrooms

G&D offers doors for kitchens and bathrooms and can offer a broad assortment of products in purchasing offices and the mobile area designers, thanks to its specialization