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serrandine rauvolet rehau

Rehau introduced during the course of Sicam 2017 the new Rauvolet shutter systems that allow optimization of available spaces and guarantee great ...

Ante for Rehau furniture

Rehau operates competitively on the market, providing technical know-how and offering customers. The use of advanced technologies and appropriate control tools enable Rehau to provide high quality accessories and to be considered as a reference for the furniture industry and craftsman. From design to workmanship, to fine tuning the piece, Rehau works in touch with the customer: this provides the most accurate solution to specific destinations. Rehau is an eye-catching brand to anticipate customer expectations and can provide a variety of Ante furniture. The best certifications indicate the excellence of each piece offered by Rehau. For a long time, Rehau is on the market among the leading players in the production of Ante for furniture for the furniture industry, which meets a wide range of accessories. Entrepreneurial skills, progress and experience allow Rehau to improve and expand its core business.