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cleaf door kit

With the Cleaf Door Kit it is possible to cover all the elements of the door, ie the panel, the edge and the copriprofilo, with coordinated and perfectly compatible materials.

Rehau has enriched the Rauvisio range of polymer laminate surfaces with the new Fino proposal, with which the company also enters the lacquered field.

Selected by ADI Design Index 2017, Alfatherm Aecore's thermoplastic laminates are among the candidates for the Compasso d'Oro 2018 Award. Exhibited in Milan and then in Rome, they are characterized by refined design and great functionality.

cleaf plated lead

Cleaf introduces the new lead-rolled panels belonging to the Hyper Materials collection, suitable for both vertical and horizontal applications. They are soft to the touch, anti-fingerprint and very durable.

Rauvisio di Rehau, furniture surfaces and coatings made with polymer laminates and characterized by different effects that meet any aesthetic and functional needs.

Awfs cleaf 2017

Presented at 2018 AWFS, a worldwide fair organized in Los Angeles and dedicated to tools and machinery for woodworking, the Italian company Cleaf has presented interesting novelties

laminated Abet

2016 edition of Sicam, Abet presenter three new collections that will change the definition of rolled thanks to the combination of technology, aesthetics and innovation.

Laminated glass effect polimetico

REHAU offers Rauvisio crystal, linnovativa surface thermoplastic polymer laminate that allows you to design with maximum creative freedom furniture sible shining glass

XGloss Cosentino

We point out to buyers and designers Dekton XGloss of Cosentino, the new line of ultra-compact shiny surfaces, high-tech, featuring a dazzling shine

tile adhesive laminating

A design engineers and purchasing departments potr interest Tileskin, a laminating adhesive for tiles and resistant tiles that perfectly reproduces the various stones, patterns, designs and colors


The Di-Noc 3M coatings are laminated ultra light and ductile adhesives, a real skin applicable in all areas and dellinterior dellarchitettura

Polaris Abet

Abet proposes Polaris: it is an other surface, rather deep and full, that susciter the attention of purchasing offices and designers.

New Blanco Durinox finish

Blanco SteelArt Sicam 2015 Pordenone, presented to purchasing departments and designers the new Blanco Durinox finish

top plastic laminate of Topstar

Practical and durable, the top plastic laminate produced by companies such as Topstar, which have dedicated production lines and cutting edge

Being able to choose between unampia range of essential decorative surfaces for industry professionals and companies like Decolan a rich selection

Rexa Design of fiber

Fiber Rexa Design an innovative coating made of molded fiber for coating and customize walls, floors and furniture with two dispirazione textile decorations

decorative laminates of Puricelli

Buyers and design studios will remain very impressed by the latest decorative finishes of laminates Puricelli

finishes for melamine Fantoni Group

Designers and purchasing departments will be happy to see footprints, the collection of finishes for decorative laminate Fantoni Group, obtained through an innovative technology that we illustrate below

Imminent Interzum Arpa Industriale certainly not lose this opportunity to introduce the new range of colors and a brand new format for Fenix u200bu200bNtm,


Capce aesthetically imitate any surface, laminate is often lends itself to affordable purchases, guaranteeing excellent performance. However essential to choose qualified suppliers

rolled Decolan

Decolan provides engineering procurement offices and studios of the big design brands, HPL and remarkable decorative surfaces functionality and aesthetics

rolled Puricelli

A kind of HPL plastic laminate, highly sophisticated HCPL both in decorative appearance that the structural one: that it offers Puricelli industry professionals

rolled Sadun

Purchasing offices and designers can count on constant research and development activities of a company-Sadun benchmark as part of laminates and of great innovation panels