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  • rolled Sadun

Innovative surfaces for furniture

Sadun protagonist for years uniquely designed with the distribution of highly innovative materials. point of reference for architects, designers and companies, Sadun, is distinguished by the ability to anticipate trends through a careful eye on the international production scene. An increasingly active research that allows to select the most exclusive proposals for surfaces and coatings from the point of view tecnologico.Oberflex, for example, combines alleleganza of the wood the resistance of the laminate thus eliminating the risks arising dallutilizzo of single veneer . Oberflex makes wood applicable in an infinity of new and exciting applications: furnishings for kitchens, bathrooms, hotels, shops, public places, naval and railway furniture, doors, campers and many other coatings found in Oberflex the most refined and prestigious construction .

  • panels and laminates Sadun

New concept for decorative panels

Instead Dekodur a range of laminates that takes full advantage of potential and characteristics of materials as diverse as aluminum, copper, steel, the tree bark of fig and melamine. Elegant color combinations, reliefs and patterns allow you to create animated surfaces by continuous reflections and the play of light and create unusual design solutions and refined; ideal for shops, hotels, ships and local furniture pubblici.Sibu Sadun Design changes the way of conceiving the decorative panels thanks to a versatile and innovative material such as polystyrene. Linfinita range of patterns, colors and shapes, opens enormous creative space for designers and planners. Besides alleleganza, the most unique feature the flexibility of the panels which allows limpiego on curved and corrugated surfaces.