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Tip Up lifting mechanism by PB mek

At the last Sicam in Pordenone, PB.mek re-proposed the TipUp® mechanism to the purchasing offices, but also applied to the sofa and chaise longue

bed base Essedue

Buyers and design firms recognize the importance of a basic ergonomic bed, adaptable to the human body, with automatic adjustments, such as modlelo ...

storage bed mechanism

TipUp, new mechanism for container bed, designed by Giulio Manzoni for PB.mek, which undoubtedly susciter the interest of designers and purchasing ...

Network flap Pozzoli

Pozzoli sixties, cooperates with the designers of the leading Italian furniture brands to create networks of excellence for the bed sleeping areas

Simam networks

Simam offers adjustable wooden slats, the most advanced expression of research, which are appreciated by designers and purchasing offices of the ...

Energo Morfeus

Morfeus gives purchasing departments slats and advanced networks, some derived from aerospace research

Pozzoli space-saving network

Designers and purchasing offices in the furniture-design sector find in Pozzoli a reliable partner for the production of state-of-the-art ...

orthopedic beech plywood bases

Pozzoli offers to purchase and orthopedic bases designers offices in beech plywood and other cutting edge models in technical terms

Pozzoli bed bases

Purchasing offices and the bedrooms design firms can choose from a wide selection of metal orthopedic bases with wooden slats made of quality ...

bed nets

adequate bed nets make the most comfortable mattress are well aware that purchasing departments will appreciate the wide range offered by Essedue