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  • Energo Morfeus

The independent movement of each slat

Energo Morfeus, the renowned company specializing in mattresses, networks and accessories for the bed, brings together the best research in the field of bed bases and identifies its state of the art. The plywood frame (rectangular profile mm. 60x30) with treatment of oil / wax surface has a comb-angle connector system that confers elegance and solidit.La tilting suspension in Hytrel HP300, the special plastic hi -tech, derived from aerospace research, with absolute guarantee of indeformabilit even after 300,000 cycles of use more than 10 years of use. Hytrel not sensitive to temperature, no differences in elasticity between summer / winter and does not age as plastics normally used for suspension of the networks. Energo characterized independence of movement of each strip, that allows to support point by point the work of the mattress exalting the features and performance.

  • Morfeus networks

The best conditions of support to the mattress

The network Syra Morfeus 18 plywood slats evaporated mm. 53 inserted in seats formed in the inner face of the frame in plywood of rectangular profile mm. 60x25 - Noise and mounted on fixed supports in Sbs perfectly fill the seat area of u200bu200bthe mattress. This perfect area coverage of the mattress support and makes Syra Syra Extra ideal base for pocket spring mattress and springs in general: it produces the best conditions to the mattress support in any situation and excellent air flow underneath the product. the Syra network Extra version with 4 central slats with adjustable hardness degrees: each potr increase or decrease the lift according to personal individual support needs. The double version is realized with individual strips coupled on central crosspiece, it requires a central foot which must always be mounted, even if the network goes to rest without feet.