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At Sicam 2016 Citterio Line will present new models of furniture handles with current and high-end lines such as article 406 and article 400.

Mandelli 1953 proposes Zeit handle, developed in collaboration with Marco Piva, undisputed protagonist of the global design scene

copyright handles Fusital

The Fusital brand represents the collections of Handles dAutore arising from the collaboration with the most famous designers and architects on the ...

Handles at Eurocucina

Eurocucina handles: they are those of Citterio Line, which always gives great importance to the cabinet Because he really believe in the combination ...

Line Cal Rombo

Line Cal an Italian brand of sophisticated handles that reinterprets the concept of the handle, elevating him from a mere functional element to ...

handles Jungle Touch Bosetti Marella

Pareciper at Sicam 2015 Bosetti Marella, the company that represents the history of the handle and the furniture decoration style

manigle design Citterio Line

Office design purchases and studies can count on Citterio Line, prominent enterprise in the production of handles for furniture The industry, which ...

Ferretto Handles handles

Ferretto Handles manufactures metal handles made exclusively in Zamak, a zinc alloy combined with small percentages of aluminum, magnesium and copper

handle RDS

purchases and designers offices have noticed that the design of the handles follows the most current trends in shapes and colors, including an urban ...

Handles for doors design

The most famous brand of handles develop real design elements also for the doors: one of these Confalonieri Group

handle design

The design handles, following the main drops of furniture or are strongly in contrast, are important for the furniture and you need to choose a ...

Lotus Olivari

The door handle emphasizes the style of enhancing the personality leads: for this reason, planners and designers are very careful in the choice of ...

Skyline The paneling system

Cosma has recently introduced to the compartment furniture-design Skyline purchases and designers offices, the innovative paneling system for home

bedrooms handles

For the furniture sector, which has always FOP produces accessories and components, including for children rooms handles, with targeted and ...

Lancini ornamental hardware

Fonderia Artistica Lancini produces handles, knobs, keys, escutcheons and friezes in style with customizations and fine finishes.

Hoppe handles

Hoppe handles proposes to embellish the environment are signed HOPPE, which are considered a choice of merit on the part of professionals and office ...

Cassina handles

The collection handles Fifty Enrico Cassina produced by OMP Porro were presented to the designers of the best of the brand design: these five models ...

Knobs and handles

Company leader in the production of knobs and handles and accessories for mobile, Pamar always reliable partner for leading companies in the world ...

Purchasing offices and design firms can count on Citterio Line handles for beautiful and functional, combining technology and design

Citterio Giulio handles

Handles for furniture with a typical Italian touch: Citterio Giulio has been offering them to buyers of the big names in furniture design since 1945

Mandelli handles

Purchasing departments and designers know the high quality die-cast brass door and window handle from Mandelli, a long-time provider

handle Kleis

Purchasing offices of major furniture brands know the excellent craftsmanship of the handles produced by Giara, of which the company offers a wide ...

handle Manital

The Manital design handles offer a design shop and design offices classic detail that makes the difference on doors and entire rooms

PBA handles

PBA offers a wide assortment of manigli models in stainless steel or copper for every need

Confalonieri handles

Ergonomics and design are well-matched in the handles proposed by Confalonieri Group

handle Valli&Valleys

Valli&Valleys offers a wide range of handles, which have become important elements for furniture

Handle Colombo Design

functional handles and class in the wide range of Colombo Design, available for buyers, archietti, designer

designer handle Olivari

Aesthetics combined with functionality here is because purchasing departments choose to design handles, of which Olivari offers a wide selection

Very interesting for buying offices could be factors such as personalization, selected materials and details of Cominfer handles