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  • Lotus Olivari

door handles

The handle brings an essential element The whole environment in which it is placed. In addition to highlighting the door style, it expresses the personality, that is contagious The whole local. For this reason the handles are always more aesthetically cured by producers who have transformed into real design objects that are integrated in the context of unabitazione. Also notable lattivit sullergonomia Research and Development: the handles must be absolutely comfortable to hold. For an optimal aesthetic, the handle finish is also often combined with that of the hinges, if they are visible.?

  • Falun handle 1191 / SB Mandelli

handle design

Lately the push bar comfort guaranteed by morphologies slightly curved, upward or concave inside. But for flying with standard sizes, therefore, not too heavy, are also suitable non-shaped patterns, lineare.?Spesso shape of the handles are sold in pairs, so as to have them equal on both sides of the door; but not a prerogative of all manufacturers. As regards the sliding panels, the doors sliding inside the wall and the doors with opening book needed it handles different from those suitable for swing gates. Handles, knobs and recessed dials are the most appropriate models, compared with lever handles.