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polyurethane foams Orsa Foam

A designers and purchasing agents can affect the novelty of Orsa Foam, which has developed a new generation of polyurethane foams capce to change the ...

Polyurethane foam Pelma

Pelma offers designers and purchasing offices of major furnishing-design Dryflex brands, the first hydrophobic flexible polyurethane foam,

Kristalia sessions

The rigid polyurethane material with unmatched technical and aesthetic characteristics: among the best users of this material stands out Kristalia

environmentally friendly polyurethane foam

Sitab has been producing environmentally friendly polyurethane foam since the 1970s, offering purchasing offices and designers a truly wide range

Feather for furniture

As part of the cushioning material, a feather for quality furniture plays an essential role: not at all, purchasing departments are counting on ...