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  • Feather for furniture

A continuously evolving

For fifty years the market leader in the provision of foam for the furniture-design sector, Cinelli Feather and Down Jackets flagship investment both in the search for innovative materials, both structural nellespansione with new technologies, the introduction of alternative energies and an expansion of production facilities at the headquarters of Buggiano (PT) .The production Cinelli Feather and Down Jackets 100 # 37 made in Italy and subjected to various checks. As for the new materials to be used together with the feather and down duvet, they undergo extensive testing in the laboratory to verify its quality. After overcoming this phase and only if deemed valid are introduced in the processing. The rigor of Cinelli Feathers and down jackets guarantee of a high quality product with the parameters above the average of the major competitors.

  • Cinelli Feather for furniture

Exclusive and creations

Cinelli Feather and Down Jackets uses to limbottitura 20-25 different types of foam, designing and implementing new mixes created specifically including seat cushions, seat backs, optional cushions, armrest cushions can ensure different carrying capacities and sofficit also according to customer requests. Each unique model of its kind. Each pillow was created to respond to a request for shape and different amenities, becoming so in an exclusive item. The attention that Cinelli Feathers and down jackets reserves to its customers high, because only through the ability to communicate are unable to meet all requirements for comfort, size and composition.

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