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Polyurethane foam Pelma

Pelma offers designers and purchasing offices of major furnishing-design Dryflex brands, the first hydrophobic flexible polyurethane foam,

Pelma from padding materials

The use of innovative technologies and special control systems, allow to Pelma to develop elements of highest quality and to be considered as a reference for the industry and the furnishing artisan with its complete range of elements. evolving, developing, great preparation allow Pelma to evolve and expand its core business. Best certifications ensure the quality of each product proposed by Pelma. From time Pelma on the market among the leaders in the production of components for the furniture The industry, which meets with a full range of elements. Pelma company attentive to anticipate our customers' requests and to provide innovative responses quickly. It acts competitively on the market, equipped with technical know how and be able to find answers and even preempt any customer issues. From design to manufacturing, the production of the piece, Pelma operates in partnership with the customer: This ensures the most appropriate response to the specific function.