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Liquid glass Elekta

Elekta Liquid Glass by Gani Group for the decoration of furniture, furnishings and accessories. It is an epoxy resin not loaded and characterized by a very high resistance to yellowing.

Madras glass

New glass applications destinations Vitralspecchi of Madras, with a strong visual content through allinterazione glass-LED

curved glass Curvet

For curved glass, buying offices and designers can count on Curvet, a company specializing Nellambito of curved glass, but also plan for small and large supplies

Of all the sectors in which it is used, what dellabitazione allows to reach the best creative and aesthetic solutions for glass, as they know the offices of the big names purchases.

Purchasing offices and designers are in King Glassware an excellent partner for processing of custom glasses. Glassware King offers projects that are an integral part of the realization

glass Vitrealspecchi

Specializing in the etching of glass, Vitrealspecchi provides architects, buyers and designers a wide range of solutions