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  • Vitrealspecchi Madras

Home furniture glass

Glass for furnishing can cover the doors and backs of a kitchen, the wall units in the living area, or finish off wardrobes and drawers in the sleeping area. Glass for home furnishings has infinite potential. Consider for example the Madras® glass by Vitrealspecchi, which transforms the surface of the glass into functional, precious and often evocative visual and tactile sensations.The lacquered or silvered Madras® glass in other words dresses the furniture with personality and warmth, and therefore proposes as a component of great interest for the most innovative industry in the sector.

  • Vitrealspecchi, Madras glass

Madras® glass by Vitrealspecchi

The furniture, kitchen and bathroom furnishing industries can find in Vitrealspecchi Madras® glass a high quality and affordable component for the finishing of the doors and the covering of the surfaces. In fact, Vitrealspecchi's special chemical etching techniques, applied to lacquered or silvered glass, enhance it with a range of effects not allowed by other materials. And they keep intact the unique qualities of glass, an eco-friendly material, unalterable over time, completely hygienic. Daily care is easier, and beauty has a longer duration over time.