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furniture stickers

Among the specialists of furniture adhesives from flawless performance, you distingue3M, with an excellent range of products available to purchase ...

Tesa one of the most important manufacturers for the worldwide adhesive solutions for multiple industry sectors, including the dellarredamento and ...

stickers of Jowat AG

Purchasing departments and professionals in the sector can count on Jowat AG for industrial adhesives for furniture

glues and adhesives During and Vivan

During & Vivan a reality that produces and distributes glue and furnishing the sixties: that's why purchasing offices and mobile professionals will ...

Mastek adhesives

New mono-component adhesive in water dispersion by Mastek, an industry leader in the field of adhesives

glues and adhesives for Forest Chemical Industries

Purchasing departments and designers in the furniture sector can count on the avant-garde glues and adhesives of Industrie Chimiche Forestali

Frabo glues

Frabo is a prominent brand in the field of adhesives for the upholstery and wood sector: it offers a wide range of solutions to purchasing offices ...