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  • furniture stickers

Adhesive tapes and furniture

The design and furniture manufacturing are activities that demand continues uninnovazione, in particular in the field of carpentry, cabinet making, decoration ... It is interesting to combine aesthetics and performance in a little artistic field like decoration stickers. Among specialists in this field stands senzaltro 3M, with a fan of prodotti.Ad excellent example the 3M spray adhesives are easy to apply products, available in the form of aerosols. They require no maintenance and are perfect for application in several places in the adhesive foam, metal, wood, plastic and various other substrates. Instead, the double-sided tape 3M VHB 4918 acrylic foam allows the assembly of the glass panels for windows, wine cellars, refrigerated units and counters. Transparency end pickled items will improve the aesthetics and sound insulation assembly. Without waste and solvent-free, VHB tapes meet any environmental requirement for the purposes of productivity.

  • furniture stickers

Adhesives for the furniture

3M also offers furniture adhesives used in furniture production - chipboard, MDF, plywood - with rolled finish, melamine and edging. Solvent-free and versatile, these adhesives meet the environmental requirements and user comfort. For lincollaggio coatings of drawers, 3M structural adhesives provide structural strength and ensure adhesion and fast setting. In particular adhesives based on reactive polyurethane 3M Scotch-Weld can easily apply to 120 C with the special gun. Once the parts assembled, the adhesive cools quickly forming a junta moisture resistant, chemical resistant and more rigid requirements. Suitable for bonding metals, plastics, wood and other substrates.

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