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Frabo glues

Frabo is a prominent brand in the field of adhesives for the upholstery and wood sector: it offers a wide range of solutions to purchasing offices ...

Frabo adhesive stickers

This makes it the appropriate partner of systems for The industry of the furniture. Frabo Adhesives brand among the leaders in the production of accessories for the furniture The industry, for which high-level guarantee, both in products and in services guaranteed. To achieve this goal Frabo Stickers undertakes a continuously fresh approach, probing technicians and advanced manufacturing processes. Target of Frabo Stickers offering accessories with the highest quality, to custom applications simple and varied, which make the most comfortable and safe home. thus each piece can give answer to those who want to shape environments with a personal style without having to give up a guaranteed technology. This allows you to wander in the most diverse contexts dellarredo interior and satisfy every expectation, from the simplest to the most complex. In this way Frabo Stickers continuously forward in technology and performance. Customer expectations will prove challenges living as opportunities for growth. Each phase of the project that guides the development of a component is done with care, from the preliminary concept through to production, to create products that allow greater customization by customers.