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stickers of Jowat AG

Purchasing departments and professionals in the sector can count on Jowat AG for industrial adhesives for furniture

Jowat Adhesives

From Jowat time active in the market among the leaders in the production of components for the furniture The industry, which supplies a comprehensive range of elements. Best certifications ensure the quality of each product proposed by Jowat. From design to production, through to commissioning of the piece work, Jowat works in partnership with the customer: it guarantees us the solution most suited to specific applications. Relentless determination, modernization, extensive experience allow Jowat to evolve and expand its core business. It operates competitively in the market, equipped with technical know how and be able to find answers and even anticipate any issues of client companies. The use of advanced technologies and appropriate monitoring systems, allow to Jowat to develop elements of much quality and to be considered as a reference for the industry and the furnishing artisan with its full range of elements. Jowat company in order to anticipate the demands of business customers and provide innovative answers quickly.