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Alpi wood slab

Alpi, a company specializing in the production of wooden surfaces, has created the new French Palette and Wavy Fir collections.

French Palette

Alpi inaugurates spring 2021 by presenting the new collection of wooden surfaces French Palette, created in collaboration with Piero Lissoni.

Fantoni Acoustic systems

A Space&Interiors, Fantoni has introduced its new fonassorbenti systems, which are real acoustic solutions, emphasizing especially versatility and ...

Teknowood Busnelli International

Teknowood the innovative multimedia panel intended for the contract market, is produced by Busnelli International, a leading company in the supply of ...

new technosurface

Two panels complement each other and have unique performance qualities of their kind: it is MAXXIGLOSS and MAXXIMATT of Opera3B

Buyers and designers looking for the latest generation of contemporary panels can turn to Saib, who belongs to the rose of the largest manufacturers

semi Florian Group

Buyers and design studios can turn to for their applications to Florian Group manufacturer of semi-finished floors, furniture, windows, stairs

Concreo concrete panel

Purchasing offices and designers will remain undoubtedly affected by Concreo, the innovative panel capable of revolutionizing the ambient tem mode of ...

New Quidyl panel Cleaf

design studios and major brand buyers will often turn to Cleaf for the innovative potential of its furniture panels

sound-absorbing panels

Caimi Brevetti proposes purchasing offices a wide range of patented products to distinguish the sound-absorbing panels

Plastic Killer

Bloom initiatives and technologies for the sustainability of the MDF panels: the illustrate in this article, which susciter the interest of ...

Slalom acoustic panels

Slalom enterprise focused on the development and in the acoustic field research, both in terms of know-how and design: have known her acoustic panels

decorative panels for walls

Designer and responsible purchasing departments often choose decorative panels bi or three-dimensional, since they represent a new type of decoration ...

melamine panel

In the following article, we will illustrate the characteristics and properties of the melamine panel, revealing why so used in kitchens

Group panels Mauro Saviola

The Mauro Saviola Group, which is part of Saviola Holding, offers design and consultancy firms purchases a green matrix design for panels

decorative cutting edge

The Group Friars in terms of decorative offers maximum support for its customers, offering an unrivaled range breadth and variety

composite panel

Bencore designs and manufactures thermoplastic honeycomb composite panel with a honeycomb structure, proposing to purchase departments and designers ...

Design and implementation of innovative panels for dellarredamento sector: This is one of Breda's goals, leading the industry

Application Bonomi shoes panels

Bonomi Shoes offers a wide assortment of fruit panels of an intense activity of R&S and thus highly innovative

Saib panels

Buyers and purchasing managers require raw and faced chipboard panels quality and prefer cutting-edge sector, as Saib

Bellotti panels

Bellotti offers buyers in the furniture industry panels assembled with innovative and technological materials with acoustic and thermal insulation ...

Alps panels

Alpine offers a new line of multilaminar wood panels processed as if they were tissue: it is a wide range ready for the purchasing offices of major ...

acoustic panels Slalom

The Slalom absorbers are essential in certain environments: they know it project managers and designers