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melamine panels

What lutilizzatissimo melamine panel? We start from the melamine, which a chipboard panel covered on one side, or on both, from melamine paper. Questultima a synthetic material composed of thin paper sheets, around a tenth of a mm, impregnated with melamine resin. The use of this card makes sure that the coated panel is called melamine panel, which may be provided not only from chipboard but also from plywood, hardboard from, from printed wood, MDF, OSB or finally by. reputedly an economic product, even though the development of ever more realistic cards and the remarkable qualities of hardness and scratch resistance and surface solvents, make this product very popular and appreciated in the furniture world, especially for kitchens. Some times it proceeds to a surface coating to further embellish the product: this process makes the surface of the panel also almost indistinguishable to the experts with respect to a veneer and painted product.

  • Melamine kitchen

Because they use a lot of the melamine

Unelevata percentage of kitchens sold in Italy has a structure of melamine panels namely, the panels are made of chipboard covered with melamine. However if true that the melamine panel structure of the same material for the 90 # 37 of Italian kitchens, equally true that not all of the panels are created with the same characteristics, and in this case you create the difference between cookers and kitchens qualit.Ecco some indication: a kitchen really economic will have a thickness of approximately 1.4 cm panels, while a good quality of the food will have a thickness of 1.8 cm panels. Finally a kitchen of excellent quality, will have the of the 1.9 cm thick panels. Clearly it is not enough just to know the thickness of the panels, but also essential to pay attention to the formaldehyde content and resistance to moisture. As for the formaldehyde content it refers to the type of glues used and the quantity of formaldehyde which they contain, taking into account that this is a toxic element. The most recommended are those with panels abbreviation V100 with green coloring inside, which are immersed in water for 24 hours may be subject to a maximum of the bulge 12 # 37: alternatively are called V20.