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melamine panel

SM'art produces melamine panels composed of high quality raw materials which ensure innovative technical and aesthetic results to professionals in ...

SM panels art

In this way each piece can respond to those who want to create settings with a personal style without having to give up a guaranteed technology. SM art is able to get applications with its components in different areas of interior design and to respond to every expectation, from the simplest to the most particular. SM is one of the leading players in the construction of components for the furniture industry, which is a symbol of excellence both in products and in services offered. It makes us the suitable partner for systems for the furniture industry. To achieve excellence, SM art takes an ever-new approach, investigating technical processes and innovative processes. Every design step that leads to the development of a SM art component takes place carefully, from the preliminary design to the production, to propose products that favor maximum customer customization. SM's goal is to provide high-quality components for customized, easy and versatile destinations that make our home more livable and secure. Customers' demands are challenges to be seen as opportunities for growth: in this way SM is always at the forefront of technology and productivity.