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  • melamine panel

Latest generation melamine panel

SM'art is a young and dynamic company that places the experience and competence of highly qualified and prepared people at the service of customers. SM'art produces melamine panels which, thanks to the use of high quality raw materials and a latest generation press, can guarantee innovative technical and aesthetic results.The creativity and dynamism of SM'art contribute to making its melamine panels unique in their kind. All decors are available in stock in the coordinated range of melamine panels, HPL laminates and ABS edges. Eraora is the first SM'art production in register. The modern and sophisticated wood is accompanied by a very matt, deep, scratchy syncropore finish, with a natural touch of raw wood. Unlike most of the rustic structures on the market, Eraora combines the register finish with a very elegant design that is easy to apply and use.

  • Wow by SM'Art

Melamine panels, the news

Among the latest in melamine panels, WOW! it is a SM'art creation that can only amaze. An irregular flamed wood design, with a very large scale and important cathedrals, elegant but not discreet, enhanced by a synchronized finish that makes the product identical to a chiseled wood.Aniline is another melamine panel proposed by SM'art with bright colors, fresh and fun accompanied by a finish with a pore in register. It is fun to be carried away by the chromaticity of aniline dyes. You will have the illusion of being on a cruise in the Greek islands. or a home environment, or even the interior of the furniture. Trama also has a very matt, structured finish with a nice touch combined with beautiful fabric tones.