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  • Mauro Saviola Group panels

Leader in the processing of recovered and reused wood

A pioneering intuition oriented towards sustainability, when environmental protection was not yet a widespread awareness combined with solidity; d& # 39; enterprise that in the years l& # 39; led to represent one of the major realities; worldwide in the production of particleboard: the Mauro Saviola Group, companyà part of Saviola Holding, è now a leading company and point of reference in the sector of recovered and reused wood processing.

The economic and environmental result of this path è now under everyone's eyes: 14 factories in Italy, Belgium and Argentina, 1.5 million tons of recovered wood processed every year, 22 collection centers in Italy and Europe, 10,000 trees saved every day, dozens of certifications for an absolutely original production system.

  • panel of the Mauro Saviola Group

Panels and woodworking: the eco-sustainable challenge

Always at the avant-garde in the panorama of innovation, the Mauro Saviola Group will be 26-agrave; protagonist of an international challenge: combining design with ecology, showing how the safeguarding of our natural heritage can be perfectly inherent in a discipline that also promotes aesthetics.

L& # 39; Viadana company, è leader not only in the realization of the chipboard panel but also in the edges and special surfaces for the furniture industry, thus offering the market a complete package of materials to be transformed into a finished product, be it furniture, floor or door.

Sicam Podenone therefore represents a showcase of considerable value, a great opportunity; to enhance their products, unique in their kind. In particular, a series of panels made of register pore will be presented, i.e. obtained thanks to a technique that allows the panel to faithfully match the design of the wood finish to the tactile sense, perceptible by touching the imprinted finish. E& # 39; così that the market will be ableà be enriched with a valid alternative to the use of traditional solid wood. The objective of the Mauro Saviola Group, thanks to the excellence of these products, &is; therefore legitimately ambitious: to conquer new markets by focusing on the possibility; to think and put into practice the idea of eco-sustainable design.