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Furniture Panel

Among the most innovative dallestetica panels for furniture, stands Quidyl of Cleaf, a panel developed solely poplar 100 Italian # 37, which originates from plantations whose growth cycle of about seven years, FSC . Processing of this material does not include the use of formaldehyde, an added value that complete a pedigree that includes new technical properties such as its light weight - about 500 kg / m3, or 25 # 37 for less than a standard panel , but with the same resistance and excellent physical-mechanical properties. Research and improvement of the raw material of the panel was carried out in cooperation with IPAN, leader in woodworking, attentive to the maximum environmental protection and sustainability.

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Allultima edition of Interzum Cologne, thanks to all these remarkable features, Quidyl received lInterzum High Product Quality Award in the category.? Quidyl in fact represents a real breakthrough for the industry, a product whose value is implemented by the customization opportunities offered by the endless surfaces and finishes proposed by Cleaf. ? Cleaf loves to explore new areas with its products, giving the matter due to its avant-garde technologies, lunicit of a high-quality finish, able to stand out for originality and stylistic refinement, often creating visual effects of breadth and depth.