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Slimbox Donati

We point out to designers and buyers who Slimbox Donati new metal drawer tight with thickness 13 mm, with modern design, equipped with synchronized ...

Donati metal drawers

Buyers and design studios who want light and resistant metal drawers can count on Donati, a specialist in the sector

Drawers for furniture Rossi

There are numerous manufacturers of drawers: one of these Rossi, which realizes these important components darredo from more than 40 years

Drawers Sagomm PVC

The Sagomm company for over forty years, realizes PVC drawers as a provider of the best producers darredamento

Samet drawers

Samet ready for Sicam 2015, so that this year will be one of the protagonists of the international of Components and Accessories for the Furniture ...

drawers for mobli

Below we will discuss dlel'importanza furniture drawers, citing two industry leaders, notes purchases and designers offices

Drawers for furniture Chipboard wrapped in PVC leaf

specialized manufacturer of drawers to furniture made of chipboard covered in PVC Micheletto leaf stands for 'scrupulous attention to the many needs ...