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  • Donati metal drawers

Latest generation metal drawers

Donati specializes in the production of accessories for the furniture industry and in particular in sliding systems, drawer guides, metal sides and light and resistant metal drawers.Allubox Series is a line of drawers in aluminum alloy, flexible and multifaceted which not only allows maximum adaptability but is also easy to assemble. Characterized by a linear and clean design, it meets the current needs of the market and with only 10mm of thickness it is certainly among the thinnest drawers currently available. Available in two heights 120mm and 86mm and in 3-sided or 2-sided aluminum versions. The strength of this new product is certainly its absolute versatility, not only in terms of coloring - practically infinite - but also in terms of size. To fully exploit the qualities of Allubox, we recommend the use of the D26SHR retractable guide with 3D handle, which allows three frontal adjustments: up / down, right / left and forward / backward. Moreover, the synchronized movement gives a fluid and very silent sliding, assisted by the shock absorber both when opening and closing the drawer. In addition to sliding, the synchronized system also improves the stability of the drawer, not only on medium / small width drawers but also on bathroom / bedroom drawers.

  • Donati metal drawer

Metal drawer

Finally, Slimbox is the latest addition to Donati's metal drawer portfolio. It is a thin metal drawer (13 mm), equipped with synchronized guides, which favor excellent smoothness and the elimination of exchange noise. Thanks to its small size, the internal volume of the drawer is greater and fully usable. For the E04 drawer, the 3D adjustment is also available which therefore allows you to adjust the front, in addition the release handle facilitates the insertion / extraction of the drawer in the cabinet. Rectangular side bars, internal drawer with or without glass are the accessories available for the new Slimbox drawer. It is available in 3 heights: 90mm, 130mm and 180mm and 3 colors: white, light gray and anthracite.

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