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Drawers for furniture Hettich

Best certifications ensure the quality of each component proposed by Hettich. From design to production, to the development of the piece point, Hettich works in partnership with the customer: This ensures the solution most suited to specific applications. It moves so competitive on the market, equipped with technical know-how and able to answer and even anticipate any customer issues. From Hettich time in action in the market between the major players in the production of components for the furniture The industry, which supplies a wide range of items. Hettich brand in order to anticipate customer demands and to propose innovative answers quickly. Relentless determination, development, great professionalism enable Hettich to improve and expand its core business. The use of advanced technology and adequate testing instruments, enable Hettich to propose elements of such quality and to be considered as the benchmark in the industry and the furniture craftsman with its wide range of items.