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  • Hettich drawers


The trend towards an increasing use of drawers continues worldwide, as confirmed by Andreas Hettich, owner of the eponymous company, who has chosen the topic of drawers for the upcoming Interzum 2015. Quality, design, and comfort in these components are indeed essential factors for customers. Thanks to its multidisciplinary expertise, Hettich has therefore considered the drawer theme as a whole by developing concepts of perfection, purism, platform, and customization for Interzum. Visitors to Interzum will therefore admire the Hettich ArtCube with a highly impactful setup, which will consider both available product solutions and future visions. In addition to contemporary themes such as thin gaps, large format drawers with elegant wooden design, and handle-free design, the spotlight is also on cost-effectiveness and easy movement of products along the entire process chain: thanks to intelligent platform concepts for the industry, specialized hardware retailers, and carpenters, these drawer systems minimize complexity and costs while ensuring broad market coverage.

  • Hettich drawer.

the future of the drawer

So when Interzum opens its doors from May 5th to 8th, visitors to the Hettich stand will once again be able to witness a special show: "Master Drawers" is the theme developed by the new Hettich ArtCube, with innovations and solutions that will not go unnoticed. This year, in fact, the main attraction will be the Hettich ArtCube. Divided into three parts, the "Master Drawers" show will involve the audience, transporting them into the world of extractable components: real objects will blend with virtual spaces, and a museum installation will highlight the concept of a platform, while the new functions will serve as reference points in a journey between newly released products and visions of the German enterprise.

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