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milesi paints for wood

The IVM Group has developed a new technology for the wood coatings sector and with the Milesi brand launches high performance products: discover all ...

Hydroplus by Sayerlack converter

The new two-component converter for painting interior wood products Hydroplus ATV 2320 / XX by Sayerlack, ideal for painting panels in all rooms of ...

Sayerlack wrestles with the decision of the wood attackers thanks allinnovativo impregnating fungicide to water am 570/00

Inform designers and purchasing offices that the new matt transparent acrylic finish 410-0034 / 05 OECE been developed for the coating of living, ...

New impregnating Sayerlack

Designers interesser the impregnating Sayerlack white to water with high solid content, which allows to obtain wooden beams and paneling with great ...

New OECE lacquered cycles

The new OECE lacquered cycles, free from aromatic solvents, fast, designed for high productivity industrial painting dedicated to ...

A well-deserved gold medal at the Drema fair 2015 for the floor finishing to water Sayerlack AFV 2318/00 of Sherwin-Williams Group

Varnishes for wood ICA Group

ICA Group meets the needs of designers and architects, extending the line of paint for Urban Matter wood with a new effect from the urban taste

Zoffany paints allow you to decorate the environment in a sophisticated way, with high performance colors for optimal results on ...

range Nordwal

Nordwal offers a wide selection of paints and adhesives for professionals of the furniture sector

Akzo Nobel Paints

Akzo Nobel, with his paints, offers innovation and sustainability, two factors held in high esteem by buyers and designers

wood coatings Ica

Ica a major manufacturer of wood coatings, so important for the protection of furniture made in this precious and warm material

Renner paints

The wide range of Renner Italian wood coatings that meet every requirement of the wood and furniture sector