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  • Hydroplus by Sayerlack converter

Hydroplus by Sayerlack, two-component converter

Sayerlack launches on the market the ATV 2320 / XX, the new two-component converter for the painting of wooden items for interiors. The product enriches the Hydroplus line of water-based products, thanks to which finishes are possible which, due to their appearance and softness, are indistinguishable from those obtained with solvent-based products and which are also characterized by a level of mechanical and chemical resistance comparable to that of two components of the polyurethane type. The Hydroplus ATV 2320 / XX converter from Sayerlack features high chemical resistance and a long pot-life, anti-yellowing and a high degree of softness, comparable to that of a polyurethane finish. An avant-garde rheological system has made possible an ideal compromise between verticality and wettability. Perfect in situations where the automatic application system does not facilitate wetting on the edges of panels of different thicknesses, Hydroplus ATV 2320 / XX is also based on a thixotropic system that generates high coverage on the edges. The revolutionary opaque system gives this product a very low capacity for writing, never seen before. Designed for painting panels for bedrooms, living rooms, bathrooms and kitchens, ATV2320 / XX available in neutral (NN) and white (BB) in the 15-gloss version. Applied by spraying, manual or automatic, after 10 percent catalysis with AH1564 / 00.

  • Two-component Sayerlack converter

A scratch-proof converter

For over sixty years the Sayerlack brand has been synonymous with innovative solutions for the treatment and finishing of wood. In 1988 the company was the first in Italy to make water-based wood paints. Today Sayerlack continues to seek concrete answers to the needs of environmental compatibility, performance and innovation of its customers, proposing products designed for everything related to wood: from furniture to carpentry, from external structures to garden furniture, from shipyards to construction , from car interiors to musical instruments. In addition, a process of continuous expansion is underway, under which Sayerlack has enriched its offer with paints for glass, metal and plastic. Not only. The new Hydroplus ATV2320 / XX indoor converter has recently been put on the market. It can be added with XA2006 / XX water-based pastes according to the Wood Color Plus form. It can be applied directly on previously sanded melamine paper and you always have the certainty of perfect adherence. From the various tests emerged a remarkable versatility of use, which goes from the natural drying cycle up to the cycles with oven-stage drying. The Hydroplus ATV2320 / XX converter from Sayerlack has a reduced and scratch-resistant writing capacity; suitable for finishing furniture and furnishing accessories, even the most subject to mechanical stress, with the guarantee of exceptional chemical resistance.