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  • New impregnating Sayerlack

New primer: White for the summer

It's called AML 3390/13 the new impregnating Sayerlack white to water with a high solid content of the Sherwin-Williams Group, which delivers beams and wooden paneling with high coverage and excellent coverage. It is an ideal formulation for beaches, resorts, gazebo.Lelevato dry residue ensures a remarkable coverage of the wooden support. Lottimo white point provides remarkable durability of the exposed artifact allesterno and excellent cosmetic result. Ready alluded, AML 3390/13 user-friendly, very easy to use by automated systems.

  • Sayerlack impregnating

novit Sayerlack

This product applicable in one or more coats to achieve a different coverage, depending of the white point you want to achieve. To give better protection from the elements to the items treated with AML 3390/13 and exposed allesterno in extreme conditions, it is suggested The application of a transparent finish Hydroplus, which can be applied in the work. This impregnating the right product for the white wood of the summer, which better think a little before!