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Impregnation of wood against aggressors

Sayerlack joins its already wide range of products impregnating Lam 570/00, a new fungicide impregnating colorless transparent to water outdoor, complies with the European Directive 98/8 EC BPD. The product is colorless and ready alluded, contains specific and selected active principles able to destroy the harmful organisms in the wood, such as dellazzurramento fungus or mushrooms basidiomycetes xilofagi.Leffetto preservative AM certificate 570/00, dedicated to all the artifacts on display allesterno, greatly increases the durability of the manufatto.Lapplicazione dellimpregnante AM 570/00 may take place by spraying or dipping, manually or automatically on rough media or pretreated solid wood or laminated in class use 2 and 3, according to the UNI EN 335-1. Particularly suited to woods that fall even in the most low class 4:05 Natural durability (which, according to UNI EN 350, hemlock, meranti, elm, USA Douglas fir, maple, ash, red and white fir) and recommended for woods in class 3 (sapele mahogany, niangon, Douglas fir, Scotch pine, walnut).

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The painting cycle

The painting cycle foresees chel impregnating fungicide to water transparent AM 570/00 is applied first hand, to frame already assembled or disassembled by spraying or dipping, manual or automatic flow coating. To better penetrate AM 570/00 must be applied as a primer on raw wood do not sandpapered. Obviously the maximum penetration in wood it has by immersion that, depending on the type of artefact, can be assembled in its final form or in its disassembled parti.Il product has a reduced lifting of the hair, unottima penetration into the wood and a stabilizing effect on the structures of infissi.Il painting cycle potr be completed following the duso destination of the product, even applying an impregnating product for the purpose of Hydroplus series or Hydro Gold to confer the desired color to the wood. No more wood aggredir fungus: AM 570/00 provides maximum protection from any attack.