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  • wood coatings Ica

material effects of great impact

New proposals from the metropolitan flavor by ICA, which specializes in the production and marketing of special paints for legno.La online Urban Matter of great material impact, married a contemporary style, realistic but imperfect (the appearance of uneven surface) that It is inspired by everyday life. It can be made, therefore, to effect concrete surfaces, Corten steel and maintaining the appearance of the raw material but with the warmth of wood to the touch. These are the characteristics of '' concrete effect "obtained by application and by spray or trowel: creating unique effects thanks to the tooling to water fund; very soft to the touch; good chemical-physical resistance.

  • wood varnish Corten effect of Ica

Corten effect

This effect typically proposed by ICA 'lived', because of the uneven surface characterized by light and dark shades that mimic the bright color of the true natural Corten steel. The effect is achieved by means of a coating system, of MDF or melamine paper, which combines matt black background with aging to water, yellow flower and red oxide, while the movement of color is created by the jet compressed air on the painted surface.