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  • The paints for furniture for different surfaces by Zoffany

Furnishing paints

Decorating a room or an entire apartment or just the furniture is not limited to the simple choice of the color you prefer. It is also necessary to evaluate how much light the room perceives, the way in which the environment will be interpreted and above all the type of surface.

There are furniture paints, such as those in the range proposed by Zoffany , which have characteristics suitable for use on different surfaces. It is thus possible to obtain the best results, using a specific paint, created ad hoc for the surface being decorated.

Paints for different surfaces

The Zoffany paint collection offers 128 shades in three finishes, providing exceptional coverage and amazing color depth. The wide range of shades of Zoffany paints makes their use optimal for both contemporary and traditional environments and each color is carefully selected to complement and enhance the Zoffany fabric and wallpaper collections.

To offer an even wider and more complete choice when it comes to decorating an environment, the most popular neutral colors have been included in the range. For a harmonious and coordinated look it is recommended to try using a quarter, half and double the shades from a color range to decorate walls, wood surfaces, fireplaces and furniture.

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