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Paints and beyond

Dates back to the sixties marketing by Nordwal of release, gliding, descaling of the German Acmos Chemie.Negli years from the range of sales products is completed with the articles of the Akzo Nobel for especially crafted finishing of wood and special adhesives for plastic the industry and automotive dellamericana HB-Fuller.? With the widening trade dellattivit were developing the two areas Nordwal, each with its own sales structure: the furniture industry for craft customers requiring a fast, full-service, and the Industry sector, for major customers industrial.

From Nordwal ... combine all the colors!

Nordwal has subsequently decided to expand the two strategic sectors of existing activities with a new one, dellEdilizia entering the market, and this supply painters and decorators with liquid materials for craftsmanship. The expansion continues in the construction sector, and in 2009 opened the first Nordwal Nordwal Colour in Bolzano, a paint shop for the professional and the do it your self maker. In collaboration with the firm Adler-Werk Lackfabrik, historical producer of Austrian paint, the Nordwal expands its range of products in the wood industry by purchasing more experience to become a true partner recognized by the artisans. Today The offer of Nordwal includes adhesives and adhesives, release agents and gliding, stains and varnishes, oils and waxes, and so on. The current range for the wood processing includes the following products: adhesives and adhesives, release agents and gliding, primers, varnishes, coatings for windows and doors, impregnating, oils and waxes.

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