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A clear finish, matte Rather the heat

The new 410-0034 / 05 clear matte acrylic finish OECE designed for painting living, kitchens, bedrooms. This product combines a high softness, a velvety tone, high chemical resistance and outstanding durezza.L'effetto the finish, rather unusual, heats the usual look off the matte shades. In fact, the darredi contemporary design requires finishes which make the finesse to show off high-tech performance, to obtain functional and comfortable spaces: the living environments of, with dinette that fades more and more toward the kitchen, must be fully livable . 410-0034 / 05 for spray application and the veil of various light and dark woods, even heat treated after treatment with acrylic primer.

Characteristics and application

finishing The application involves the use of a catalyst to 812-92 and 922-90 37 20 # 40 # 37 thinner around. The color choices can turn in different directions, to make special environments: 410-0034 / 05 enhances the dark or dark stained wood, highlighting the veins and shades of color. The finish achieved top marks in the tests: UNI 15187 - Resistance to light: 5, not showing any visible change. UNI 10782 - Pencil Hardness: H UNI EN 12720 - Chemical resistance: level C. It is undoubtedly an elegant and refined finish, which boasts important characteristics for a furniture traits also special. Furthermore opaque, as required by the design trend, but hot, at the same time.