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  • New OECE lacquered cycles

OECE: the new lacquered cycles without aromatic solvents

OEEC has always shown great respect for the environment: sustainable development è one of its values più important. The formulation of products with the first innovative water-based resins dates back to the 1960s and 1970s.

Subsequently, in the 1980s, the Dharma and Rama-Dharma projects dedicated to the formulation of paint products with reduced solvent content were developed and the first completely water-based coating cycle for glass was conceived.

In 2007 the first line of OECE paints products with the presence of cosolvents lower than 5 # 37 was born.

Today, from the constant balance aimed at ensuring the più high performance in terms of qualityà and innovation with the più low environmental impact, the new OECE lacquered cycles are born, free from aromatic solvents and without a cross on the label.

Fast, designed for high-productivity industrial coatings, are dedicated to the furniture sector and kitchen doors.

They are characterized by high chemical-physical resistance and meet the requirements of the IKEA R2 reference standard IOSMAT-0066. Excellent results obtained in the tests concerning the reactions to water, paraffin, coffeeè ;, ethyl alcohol, dry heat and permeabilityà on scratch.

The new lacquered cycles, all composed of aromatic free products and with an excellent aesthetic performance, are dedicated to the painting of furniture panels and doors with ashlar, backs of cabinets or large surfaces, panels and edges.

  • OECE lacquered cycle

Lacquered cycle: composition and application

The lacquered cycle for furniture panels and ashlar doors can be applied on rough cut and pantographed MDF. Consisting of 1 coat of PU 238-9014 / 2 white insulator, 2 coats of PU 238-9012 / 2 sandable white primer and 1 coat of high-coverage white finish PU 218-9007 / XX. Applicable with oscillating automatic sprayers and Cartesian robots. Flat spread is excellent even with low weight, as well as edge wetting is excellent, with good vertical hold and edge coverage.

The lacquered cycle for cabinet backs can be applied on raw MDF. Consisting of 2 coats of the sandable white primer PU 238-9012 / 2 and 1 coat of the high-coverage white finish PU 218-9007 / XX. Applicable with oscillating automatic sprayers, Cartesian robots and aerial carousel systems. Excellent stretch even with low weights.

The lacquered cycle for panels and edges and tops can be applied on raw MDF. The white primer-finish PU 218-9009 / XX can be applied in multiple coats after sanding with automatic oscillating sprayers and Cartesian robots. Good leveling even with low weight, excellent edge wetting, excellent vertical hold and edge coverage. The high coverage white finish PU 218-9007 / XX can be pigmented in a wide range of colors with the universal PU aromatic free pastes 241-XXXX. A transparent vehicle is also available that can be pigmented with the same universal pastes, for the reproduction of dark lacquers.

  • oece lacquered cycles for mdf panels

Respect for the environment and advanced technology

Oece respects the environment with products aimed at the future, not only in terms of aesthetics, but above all considering the impact on the environment, both in the paint production phase and in the use of the furnishings.

For OECE, sustainable development must ensure the satisfaction of today's needs without compromising the realization of the dreams of future generations. Always with innovative aesthetic solutions attentive to trends and design evolutions, qualitative excellence and reliability, to satisfy every need of users.