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  • Renner paints

total quality and environmental protection

Engaged in the production of paints for wood, especially to water, Renner Italian enterprise booming and with a profound vocation ambientalista.Gli plants Renner Italy have been designed to accommodate the growth in demand for paints to water and fully meet the demand for polyurethane coatings. The convertibility of the machinery, equipment and production necessary means allows us to look to the future with the awareness of having industrial installations ready to answer any type of question and the changes already in place.

  • Paint Solvent Renner Italy

The three key lines

Renner Italy boasts a product range that covers 360 mercato.Tre the expectations of the main timber for paint lines: first Aquaris, the users for professional line of wood coatings to water engaged in productive activity of the sector, dallartigiano to big industry. Solvent line of solvent-based painting products for professional and industrial users. Finally Rio Verde line for lhobbystica and the faidat. The formulations Rio Verde, one of a kind, combining professional performance in simplicity dapplicazione.

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