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  • Drawers for furniture Chipboard wrapped in PVC leaf

Drawers in chipboard

The drawers for furniture are often chipboard, made from wood chips (especially fir) glued and placed under pressure. Depending on the size of the chips, and the specific gravity of the used type of glue, there are numerous varieties of chipboard. It is pannellli processed like solid wood: however you have to pay attention in the junctions, reinforcing with thorns and teams. If the chipboard panels for the drawers or other furniture present a particular surface finish, being coated with PVC, veneer or laminate, they are called nobilitati.Specializzata panels in chipboard drawers covered with PVC foil Micheletto of Farra di Soligo (TV) , for 45 years in dellarredo-design industry, it is known for its' scrupulous attention to the multiple needs of the furniture industry. For over a decade, it is enjoying growing success with foreign achievements of important projects Nellambito dellarredamento.

  • Micheletto drawers

Drawers in chipboard covered with PVC foil

Micheletto has always been a reliable partner in the development of drawers for furniture in PVC foil wrapped chipboard: Venetian the enterprise has chosen to combine the best technological resources to those human, thus ensuring service and product quality test. The use of modern technologies tailored, ensure the customer a variety of processes and applications to meet any richiesta.Micheletto accompanies the client in choosing the most appropriate finishing, as well as considering the value added ability to print decorative. These are colors that in some cases, thanks to the favorable feedback from the cClientela, have been patented. The made to measure on PVC drawers are now become customary with the advent of retractable guides: on request, Micheletto provides the drawers with the predisposition to mount any kind of expressway driving. Micheletto also offers the ability to print PVC finishing on customer demand with high volume, having over the years equipped internally to the print surface of the drawer.

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