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The furniture drawers are the most convenient way to store and sort: recently in them organizations have also developed specialized spaces to split the objects through a divider grids and their sliding systems and guides that make them fluid and dynamic, furniture drawers are elements of great importance restraints that turn complements and furniture indispensable elements for the home. There are various companies specialized in the realization of high performance drawers both in terms of mechanisms of materials. And speaking of materials, the most used are always wood and PVC.Nella first and second image, drawers and drawers of San Maurizio The company specializes in the production of drawers, dressers and furniture components. Thanks to all'avenguardia technology with special machines, The San Maurizio able to offer furniture companies quality products backed by a careful selection of raw materials, expert processing and customization that meets the individual needs of the customer .

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The modern furniture drawers are not simple components for furniture, but they are the result of careful research and development activities: some models are created to match best with the guides and the scorrimentio systems proposed by the specialists of the sector. The fluidity of their movements in effect a sine qua non for the optimal operation of a full complement. At the best specialized companies, each undergoes continuous quality controls, and all products must pass the stress tests performed at the third image certificati.Nella centers, drawers Valenitalia undertaking producing more than a million trays per year and all types and essence. The market leader in Europe in the production of beech drawers and other solid woods, such as oak, ash, walnut and pine. The 'company produces according to the needs of customers, offering innovative solutions based on many years experience. Valenitalia combines industrial technology with a customized service, in full respect of the delivery targets in terms of compliance, punctuality and quality.

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