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PVC tray

Sagomm for over forty produces PVC drawers as a provider of the best darredamento manufacturers. Thanks to technology and cutting-edge materials used, but also the passion for the job, Sagomm now one of the most well-known European manufacturers in the sector of drawers and accessories for mobile The industry. The different stages of production are performed by highly qualified personnel, on machines equipped with modern technologies that allow unelevata production capacity and ensure remarkable standard of quality.

  • Sagomm PVC drawers

As they make the PVC drawers

The drawers are made by wrapping the PVC foil or PP on the chipboard bars, where they are then applied to 45 of the cross cuts. The cut allows to assemble the product in a simple way, while maintaining a perfect appearance. To realize the PVC drawers, Sagomm makes use of advanced machinery and technologies that allow the realization of quality products, to obtain maximum strength and solidity after assembly. Sagomm finally performs special processing also tailored to provide customers with solutions personalizzate.Cos say in the company: "We aim to produce there that businesses require us. But our staff can process the project on specific requests until you get to the finished product. in addition forty years of experience make us the most reliable partner in designing, engineering and manufacturing of drawers and furniture elements. "

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