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  • Drawers for furniture Rossi

for furniture drawers

Drawers, key elements for each type darredo. But must be of quality, ca va sans dire.Le specialized companies produce it of every kind and shape: one of these Rossi, Pesaro company performing these important components darredo from forty damage.

  • Rossi drawers

modern drawers

Rossi core business are elements and modern drawers of various materials and sizes: plywood, particle board and PVC, with thorns and folding cutting, semi-finished rods for drawers, inner drawers for cabinets. Rossi able to provide complete tailored drawers of wood or metal guides and with the possibility to apply the same to the drawer. All at competitive costs, short production time and with the utmost accuracy in lavorazione.Ciascun fact produced a single piece, designed according to the measures and customer requirements, and realized by professional carpenters with extreme care and attention to every detail, in order that a product born in an expert, long-lasting.

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