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  • Cleaf surfaces

From chipboard to state-of-the-art surfaces

Established in the 1970s to market particleboard, Cleaf has achieved total control over the entire production chain of surfaces for the furniture industry and interior design. Thanks to the most up-to-date technological systems in the sector and state-of-the-art processing techniques, Cleaf boasts an exclusive, versatile and essential production know-how for the sector, which ranges from finishing, sizing, edging processes, to the most recent digital printing techniques and thin melamine faced panel for doors. The company's mission is the continuous search for quality: original and harmonious synthesis of tactile, chromatic and formal effects. For these reasons, Cleaf is a point of arrival for those who draw on the heritage of its system, but also a starting point for those who explore new competitive solutions.

  • Cleaf panels

A harmonious synthesis of tactile, chromatic and formal effects

Cleaf is a system of products and services based on the reasons for research, high technologies, innovation and design. Made in Cleaf is synonymous with Made in Italy. The range of Cleaf products includes: surfaces for interior design, edges and door systems. In particular, Cleaf focuses on the study of decors, finishes and combinations for a production of a vast assortment at the limit of the customized. Among the latest finishes proposed: Millennium, Ametis, Primo fiore, Pembroke.