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Bellotti panels

Bellotti offers buyers in the furniture industry panels assembled with innovative and technological materials with acoustic and thermal insulation ...

Alps panels

Alpine offers a new line of multilaminar wood panels processed as if they were tissue: it is a wide range ready for the purchasing offices of major ...

Panels in melamine

The melamine panels of leading manufacturers in the production of components for the furniture The industry are versatile products, excellent quality and satisfying the rules in force, adaptable to suit personal requirements. If you doubt that materials and aesthetic content are the key to giving life to the furniture, components can make the difference between a piece of excellent quality furniture, which persists over the years and retains its functionality, and one that only appears beautiful. The laminated panels are designed to respond to all customer inquiries and more demanding users. The components for the furniture, including the panels in melamine, play a prominent role in the quality of the final product.